High-level Ministerial Roundtable:Implications of Generative AI for Caribbean Development

JULY 8, 2024

The roundtable will bring together Caribbean Ministers responsible for Digital Transformation, Education, Workforce Development, Planning, Health and Tourism to discuss the implications generative AI will have on key aspects of socio-economic development in the Caribbean, the challenges posed as well as the opportunities presented. Ministers will benefit from an overview from technical experts on generative AI and then will participate in facilitated discussions with an all-of-government lens on what the potential impacts could be on our societies.

This high-level engagement will provide a vital platform for discourse amongst the key decision makers in the region on how the Caribbean can capitalize on AI advancements, address the associated risks, common data protection regulations and reshape workforce development to meet the demands of this new era. It will also provide a forum for charting out strategies for the Caribbean to adapt to the rapid changes brought by the 5th Industrial Revolution and to emerge as a competitive player on the global stage. Participants will leave with actionable insights on leveraging AI for economic growth, societal benefits, and the fostering of a skilled workforce ready to meet future challenges. They will also have a clear sense of the required legal, regulatory and policy framework required as well as supporting government infrastructure to ensure that the digital divide is minimized in the region and that we are well positioned to reap the potential benefits and minimize the negative externalities of this new wave of technologies.