Anna Kasafi Perkins, PhD

Pic Perkins

Dr Perkins is a Senior Programme Officer with the Quality Assurance Unit, Office of the Board for Undergraduate Studies, University of the West Indies Regional Headquarters, in Kingston, Jamaica; she manages the Mona Campus quality assurance portfolio. Dr Perkins holds a doctorate in theological ethics from Boston College and a postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching from UWI Mona. She teaches and researches in ethics, justice, popular culture, sexuality, theology, scripture, and quality assurance, and has published widely at the intersection of all these. She also supervisors graduate students and teaches part-time at St Michael’s Theological College, an affiliated institution of The UWI Mona.

In the area of public service, Dr Perkins is a Commissioner of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ) and member of the BCJ Licensing, Monitoring & Compliance Subcommittee; she is also member of the Jamaica National Bioethics Committee and is the Jamaica Council of Churches representative on the Legal Aid Council Board. She is also a member of the Advocates Network, a civil society grouping working for improved governance and quality of life for Jamaicans.

She recently contributed to a panel discussion on “Demystifying AI in Higher Education with a focus on the Caribbean”, hosted by The UWI Office of Online Learning and the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Dr Perkins is in the early stages of a manuscript on “Ethics, Quality, and AI: Questions for Higher Education in the Caribbean”.