Cordell Green

Cordell Green is a distinguished legal professional and media regulator, currently serving as the Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica. His role is pivotal in regulating radio, television, and cable in Jamaica, and he is actively involved in leading Jamaica’s Digital Television Transition process. Green’s legal expertise is grounded in his experience as an Attorney-at-Law and his tenure as a former Assistant Attorney-General of Jamaica. His background also includes time spent as a broadcaster, which has provided him with a unique perspective on the media landscape that he now regulates. 

In addition to his responsibilities at the Broadcasting Commission, Cordell Green’s influence extends to international media regulation. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the International Bureau for the UNESCO Information For All Programme (IFAP) in Paris and holds the position of Vice Chairman (Caribbean) at the International Centre for Information Ethics. His academic credentials are impressive, with an M.B.A., an LL.M with Distinction, an LL.B with Honors, and a B.A. with Honors. These qualifications reflect his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. 

Cordell Green’s leadership at the Broadcasting Commission is characterized by his dedication to ensuring that broadcasting services in Jamaica adhere to high standards of quality and ethics. His work ensures that the Jamaican public has access to reliable and diverse media content. His role as Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica is marked by his extensive legal knowledge, his experience in broadcasting, and his commitment to advancing digital transformation in the media sector.