Dr. Antonio Moreira

Dr. Antonio R. Moreira is a distinguished professor and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Dr. Moreira is responsible for international programs and represents UMBC in all academic agreements. Dr. Moreira coordinates the development and approval procedures for new academic programs and is responsible for the periodic review of the current academic programs. Dr. Moreira takes the lead within the Academic Affairs Division for the planning efforts for the new academic buildings on campus, and he is responsible for space issues for the Provost’s Office.  

He chairs the campus IT Steering Committee, the Classroom Committee, and the UMBC Diversity Council. Dr. Moreira also maintains teaching and research responsibilities in Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering and serves as Director of the Biochemical Regulatory Engineering program. He is on the International Board of Directors for the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. He is an Associate Editor for the Parenteral Drug Association’s Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. His research interests fall under the overall area of bioprocess engineering, i.e., the utilization of engineering principles and tools for the establishment of biologically-based processes. This includes microbial fermentations, cell culture as well as biodownstream technology.