Dr. Clive Landis

Dr. Clive Landis is a distinguished virologist and academic leader, currently serving as the Principal of the UWI Cave Hill Campus in Barbados. Dr. Clive Landis joined The University of the West Indies (UWI) in 2004 and has since held several pivotal roles. Notably, he served as the Deputy Principal of the Cave Hill Campus from 2015 to 2019. His commitment to undergraduate education led him to become the University Pro Vice-Chancellor for Undergraduate Studies from 2019 to 2021. Dr. Landis’s leadership extends beyond academia; he chaired the UWI Zika Task Force in 2016 and currently chairs the UWI COVID-19 Task Force since February 2020. 

As a virologist, Dr. Landis has made significant contributions to the field. His research interests span various areas, including inflammation, wound healing, vascular diseases, and recovery post-surgery. He has authored over 150 scientific papers and conference presentations, demonstrating his expertise in understanding the pathophysiology of inflammation. Dr. Landis’s work has implications for public health, particularly in the context of infectious diseases and immune responses. Beyond the laboratory, Dr. Landis actively engages in regional initiatives. He played a critical role in expanding laboratory capacity in the Caribbean. His efforts aim to strengthen diagnostic capabilities, enhance research infrastructure, and foster collaboration across the region. As the Chair of the Caribbean Cytometry & Analytical Society (CCAS), he promotes scientific excellence and knowledge sharing among Caribbean nations. His leadership at the Cave Hill Campus continues to shape the academic landscape and contribute to the well-being of Barbados and the wider Caribbean community.