Dr. Felipe Chibas Ortiz

Pic Ortiz

Dr. Felipe Chibas Ortiz is a Professor and Associate Professor at the University of São Paulo (USP). He serves as the International Co-Leader of the UNESCO MIL ALLIANCE Innovation Group. He actively participates in the creation of the MIL Cities Network worldwide and coordinates the USP’s international research and consultancy team, CRIACOMC (Creativity, Innovation, Marketing, Communication, and Cities). He is also a guest professor at various international universities and has been involved as an organizer and speaker at international events hosted by UNESCO and the UN. In Cuba, he coordinates the International Meeting on CULTURE, COMMUNICATION, MARKETING, AND COMMUNITY, which focuses on MIL Cities. He is the author or organizer of 33 books published in various languages, including notable works like “From Smart Cities to MIL Cities, metrics in UNESCO’s vision”.

He developed the Methodology of 20 Cultural Barriers to Communication and 5 Dimensions of Creativity (20 BCC-5DCR), the System of 13 Indicators, and 252 metrics for MIL Cities, as well as the MIL City Metrics app, all recommended by UNESCO. He leads a transdisciplinary team that explores the skills and values of UNESCO’s Media Literacy Curriculum through Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Chibas Ortiz has received several accolades, including Leader by Vocation, Poland (2022), Culture Medal of Guarulhos, Brazil (2021), Aspiring to MIL Cities, Cuba (2022, 2023), and First Place at the UNESCO Global MIL Awards, Paris, France (2023). He is currently the Executive Coordinator of the International Center for Innovation and Development of MIL Cities (ICIDCMIL), under UNESCO’s auspices, based at USP.