Dr. Kevin Blake

Dr. Kevin Blake is a prominent figure in law enforcement, serving as the Police Commissioner of Jamaica. His appointment to this critical role demonstrates his extensive experience and commitment to maintaining public safety and upholding the law. Prior to his appointment as Commissioner, Dr. Blake held the position of Deputy Commissioner, where he was responsible for the Development and Logistics portfolio within the Jamaica Constabulary Force. His leadership in this area has been instrumental in advancing the capabilities and effectiveness of the police force. 

As Police Commissioner, Dr. Blake has taken on the responsibility of overseeing all operations of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. He has been proactive in addressing challenges within the force, including ordering immediate probes into incidents to ensure accountability and transparency. His approach to policing is characterized by a focus on community engagement and strategic planning. His vision for the Jamaica Constabulary Force includes implementing innovative solutions to crime prevention and fostering a culture of excellence among officers. Dr. Blake’s tenure as Police Commissioner of Jamaica reflects his dedication to enhancing the nation’s security infrastructure and promoting justice for all citizens.