Dr. Legena Henry

Dr. Legena Henry, PhD, stands at the intersection of renewable energy and marine science, leaving an indelible mark on both fields. As the CEO-Founder of Rum and Sargassum Inc, a pioneering transportation biofuel company in Barbados, she has harnessed the power of natural resources to drive sustainable solutions. 

An MIT graduate and Mechanical Engineer, Dr. Henry brings her expertise to the University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus. As a Lecturer for Renewable Energy, she delves into cutting-edge research. Her focus is on generating sustainable power from the Caribbean Sea’s abundant resources. She explores biofuel possibilities using Sargassum seaweed, investigates Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, and harnesses wave energy. 

Dr. Henry’s most recent work, the IDB Technical note titled “Experimental Evidence on the Use of Biomethane from Rum Distillery Waste and Sargassum Seaweed as an Alternative Fuel for Transportation in Barbados” (2021), outlines her unique indigenous renewable transportation solution. Through her vision and dedication, Dr. Legena Henry inspires a greener, more resilient Caribbean.