Dr. Maurice Mcnaughton

Dr. Maurice McNaughton is a distinguished academic leader currently serving as the Director of the Centre of Excellence and Innovation at the School of Business and Management, part of The University of the West Indies (UWI) in Mona, Jamaica. Dr. McNaughton holds an Engineering Degree from the UWI and earned his Ph.D. in Decision Sciences from Georgia State University. His academic journey equipped him with a unique blend of technical knowledge and strategic thinking. His expertise lies in the intersection of technology, business innovation, and organizational strategy. 

With over 20 years of senior management and leadership experience, Dr. McNaughton has played a pivotal role in shaping enterprise-level Information Technology (IT) within several organizations.  His research spans the domain of emerging Open ICT Ecosystems, delving into areas such as Open Data, Big Data, Mobile Financial Services, and Digital Capacity Building. He integrates his extensive industry experience with focused academic research, emphasizing the strategic use of ICTs as enablers of business innovation in both small and large enterprises. His contributions extend beyond theory, impacting real-world practices.