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Transformative Global Leader and Seasoned Innovator

Dr. Nick Fuller, a seasoned technologist and transformative global leader currently serves as the Vice President of AI and Automation at IBM Research.  In this pivotal role, he leads a dynamic global team dedicated to driving AI-based innovation across enterprise management automation software powered by IBM’s watsonx.ai platform. His expertise in management automation software spans various domains, including digital business process, modernization, IT automation, and asset lifecycle management, collaborating closely with IBM and Red Hat product units.  Nick’s impact on clients is profound, with a track record of differentiating IBM’s IT Automation portfolio, launching groundbreaking products in IBM and Red Hat’s Modernization portfolios, and setting the stage for IBM’s Research strategy in Edge Computing. His strategic foresight has also played a pivotal role in differentiating five successive CMOS generations, catering to the evolving needs of IBM Systems and OEM clients.

A true innovator, Nick is an IBM Master Inventor holding over 75 patents, showcasing his commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. His influence extends beyond the corporate sphere, with 80 technical publications and over 3300 citations contributing to the broader knowledge base. As a recognized thought leader, he provides insightful commentary on industry trends in prestigious outlets such as Forbes, IEEE Spectrum, and Techspot.

Nick’s positive impact on clients is not just a product of his technical acumen but also stems from a combination of his client-facing roles and being a member of IBM’s select executive product leadership and activation teams, establishing him as a trusted partner capable of translating complex innovations into tangible business benefits. His commitment to delivering inventive solutions has not only enhanced operational efficiency for clients but has also positioned them as leaders in their respective industries.
Beyond his professional accomplishments, Nick’s academic journey, including a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Math from Morehouse College and a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Columbia University, reflects his unwavering dedication to excellence. Nick’s personal interests, including playing soccer, listening to music, and writing, add a human touch to his multifaceted persona.