Dr. Nigel Henry

Dr. Nigel Henry is a seasoned data scientist with an impressive track record. He has held senior data scientist positions at Microsoft Corporation, CIBC Bank, and Obama for America. His expertise lies in leveraging data to drive insights and create impactful solutions. Beyond his corporate roles, Dr. Henry is also the founder of Solution by Simulation Limited, a company that focuses on innovative problem-solving through simulation techniques. Dr. Henry’s academic journey includes degrees from prestigious institutions. He earned his degrees from Yale University and the Elliott School of International Affairs. His multidisciplinary background equips him to tackle complex challenges at the intersection of data science, business, and international affairs. 

At Rum and Sargassum, Dr. Henry plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainable energy solutions. The company specializes in producing biofuel derived from Sargassum seaweed—a unique approach that addresses both environmental concerns and energy needs. Dr. Henry’s data-driven insights guide the development of renewable energy vehicles, transforming conventional gasoline vehicles into eco-friendly alternatives. Dr. Nigel Henry’s work extends beyond technical expertise. His vision centers on harnessing data for positive change, whether through policy recommendations, business strategies, or environmental initiatives. As the Chief Data Scientist at Rum and Sargassum, he combines analytical prowess with a commitment to sustainability, making him a driving force in the Caribbean’s energy landscape. Dr. Henry’s career exemplifies the fusion of data science, environmental consciousness, and innovation. His contributions to renewable energy and sustainable practices position him as a key influencer in Barbados and beyond.