Gary Simms Sr

Gary Simms Sr. is an accomplished operations and business development leader with over 25 years of experience driving organizational excellence and sustainable growth. He currently serves as Managing Director at GS Process Solutions, where he advises leading industrial corporations on operational enhancements, capacity expansions, and process safety management.

Leveraging deep technical knowledge and Six Sigma process excellence mastery, Gary has spearheaded production increases averaging 15-20% across manufacturing facilities – boosting output by over $100 million in aggregate value. His risk assessment and RC14001 certifications further enable effective change leadership focused on safety, quality, and reliability for complex, regulated environments.

Before founding his consultancy firm, Gary held senior operational roles at major companies including Cargill, ARCO Chemical, and Occidental Chemical Corp. There, he led international workforces up to 165 employees while optimizing world-class production assets over $2 billion in capital value. His leadership capabilities also cover areas like labor relations, regulatory compliance, technology implementations, and more.

Well-recognized across the petrochemical and specialty chemicals sectors, Gary holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama along with an Executive MBA from Tulane University. He sits on industry panels and remains an active community advocate for workforce development and STEM education.