Honorable. Charles Henry Fernandez

Honorable Charles Henry Fernandez is known for his contributions to tourism, trade, and economic development in Antigua and Barbuda as a political figure as his career continues to leave a lasting impact on the nation’s growth. Completing his Business Management Degree at the University of the West Indies, this academic background equipped him with the skills necessary for effective leadership and strategic decision-making. 

Honorable Charles Fernandez’s political journey began when he joined the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) in 1984. His commitment to public service led to his appointment to the Senate in 1995 by then Prime Minister Hon. Lester Bird. During his tenure in the Senate, Fernandez chaired the Board of the Free Trade and Processing Zone and the Board of the Medical Benefits Scheme. His understanding of economic dynamics and trade policies positioned him well for future roles. 

His victory in the 2009 and 2014 general Elections solidified his position as a key policymaker. He has held various ministerial portfolios, including serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade from June 2014 to 2018. Currently, he serves as the Minister of Tourism, Investment, and Economic Development, where he actively promotes Antigua and Barbuda as a premier tourist destination and facilitates trade relations with other nations.