Honorable. E. P. Chet Greene

Honorable E.P Chet Greene is a prominent figure in Antigua and Barbuda’s political landscape, known for his dedication to public service and leadership. As a Member of Parliament and a Cabinet Minister, he plays a crucial role in shaping policies related to agriculture, trade, and community development.  His victory in the 2014 general elections marked the beginning of a significant political career. He was appointed as the Minister of Trade, Commerce, and Industries, as well as the Minister for Sports, Culture, and Community Services.  

Minister Greene’s commitment to public service remained unwavering. In the 2018 elections, he was entrusted with a new portfolio as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Immigration. In this role, he actively engages in diplomatic relations, trade negotiations, and immigration policies, contributing to Antigua and Barbuda’s global presence. Honorable E.P Chet Greene has also been a key figure in national sports administration. He served as the Commissioner of Sports in the Ministry of Sports and held the position of President of the Antigua and Barbuda Olympic Association. His passion for community development extends to various initiatives, emphasizing youth empowerment, cultural preservation, and social cohesion.