Hon. Melford Nicholas

Honorable Melford Walter Nicholas is a prominent figure in Antigua and Barbuda’s political landscape. As a Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister, he plays a crucial role in shaping policies related to information, broadcasting, telecommunications, and information technology. On June 18, 2014, Melford Nicholas was appointed as the Minister of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Information Technology. In this capacity, he oversees critical areas that impact the nation’s communication infrastructure, media, and technological advancements. His leadership aims to enhance connectivity, promote digital literacy, and foster innovation in Antigua and Barbuda. 

Minister Nicholas actively participates in regional forums and initiatives. Representing Antigua and Barbuda, he was re-elected as the President of the General Conference of Ministers of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU). Honorable Melford Walter Nicholas continues to serve his country with dedication and vision. His efforts in shaping communication policies and advancing technology underscore the importance of connectivity and progress in the modern era.