Dr. Jean Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, PhD., MBA, is a multifaceted scholar and advisor with a profound impact on business education and global health research. He serves as a Special Advisor to the Office of the Dean and is a Research Fellow at the Schulich School of Business & The Institute for Global Health Research in Canada. Dr. Rousseau’s expertise spans several critical areas, including Decolonization, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (DEDI), where he provides strategic guidance to the Schulich School of Business. His role in shaping pedagogical futures is further highlighted by his membership in the Task Force on the Future of Pedagogy at York University. 

In addition to his advisory responsibilities, Dr. Rousseau is deeply involved in innovative projects at the intersection of technology and public health. As the Network Manager for the AI for Pandemic and Epidemic Preparedness (AI4PEP) initiative, he collaborates with countries in the Global South to develop AI solutions aimed at improving public health outcomes. Dr. Rousseau’s academic contributions are complemented by his entrepreneurial endeavors. As Managing Director at Rousseau Ventures, he assists clients with Innovate for Impact™ strategies, leveraging his extensive knowledge in inclusive innovation and tech entrepreneurship. 

His philosophical approach to science and theories of scientific change has positioned him as a thought leader in areas such as explainability in AI, innovation in the Global South, and decolonized transdisciplinarity. His work addresses Francophone Transatlantic concerns and aims to enhance digital literacy across diverse populations. Dr. Rousseau’s diverse roles reflect his commitment to advancing knowledge and practice in business, global health, and technology. His influence extends beyond academia into policy-making and innovation, where he continues to drive meaningful change.