Justice Westmin James

Justice Westmin James is a distinguished legal professional who currently presides as the Chair of the Caribbean Community Administrative Tribunal (CCAT). His role at CCAT is a testament to his legal acumen and his commitment to justice within the Caribbean community. Justice James’ career is marked by several notable positions. He has served as an Acting Judge of the High Court of Barbados since April 2022 and was previously an Acting Justice of the Supreme Court of Belize. His judicial experience is extensive and reflects a deep understanding of the legal challenges and nuances within the Caribbean region. 

In addition to his judicial roles, Justice James is also recognized for his contributions to academia and literature. He is an attorney-at-law, university lecturer, and author, bringing a wealth of knowledge and insight to his students and readers alike. His academic pursuits complement his judicial work, allowing him to shape the minds of future legal professionals. Justice James’ journey to his current position is one of resilience and determination. Hailing from Laventille, he has overcome challenging circumstances to achieve remarkable success in the legal field. His story serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating that perseverance and hard work can lead to significant accomplishments. 

His appointment as one of the youngest judges on CCAT highlights his exceptional capabilities and potential for continued impact within the Caribbean’s legal landscape. Justice Westmin James’ influence extends beyond the courtroom; he is a role model for aspiring legal practitioners across the region. His tenure as Chair of CCAT, combined with his judicial experience, academic contributions, and personal journey, highlights a dedicated and influential figure in Caribbean jurisprudence.