Mr. Bevil Wooding

Mr. Bevil Wooding is an influential figure in the Caribbean’s technological and justice landscape, serving as the Executive Director of the Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions (CAJS) based in Trinidad & Tobago. His work is centered on implementing technology innovations to support and enhance the region’s justice systems. Wooding’s career is distinguished by his commitment to development and innovation. As a development strategist, he has been instrumental in creating APEX, a special non-profit agency that collaborates with the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to drive technological advancements within the Caribbean justice system. 

His leadership at CAJS involves tapping into the significant capacity of the Caribbean, both within the region and throughout the diaspora. This approach allows CAJS to draw on an international network of partners, ensuring that local solutions meet world-class standards. Wooding’s vision for justice in the Caribbean is one of collaboration and shared goals among citizens. He believes that justice is achievable when communities work together, a philosophy that guides his efforts at CAJS. Mr. Bevil Wooding’s role as Executive Director of the Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions highlights his dedication to fostering a just society through technological innovation and strategic partnerships.