Pic Quintana

Mr. Quintana is the current CEO and owner of Envviron a French operating company that leverages next-generation Web3 technology to create new business models and the creation and monetization of impact assets. Projects include creating global Web3 hub and next-generation financial infrastructure and applications. Envviron is also the investment arm of the Forevver Foundation.

Mr. Quintana is also the current President and Chairman of the Forevver Association. The purpose of the Forevver Association is to foster new, transparent, decentralized, and open technology applications in the area of ESG. The association is free to conduct any commercial and noncommercial activity that supports its main purpose, including direct or indirect investments in or contributions to ESG projects in domestic and foreign markets. Current allocation of capital is $400M.

Mr. Quintana’s prior experience included being a General Partner and Head of European and Corporate Operations for the top early-stage Venture Capital fund in the US (as ranked by Prequin) for the previous decade, he was also the co-founder of the European Funds where he was involved in all aspects of raising and running the funds. Mr. Quintana has also held strategy and corporate development positions for a number of global technology companies including Texas Instruments and Robert Bosch Corporation and serves on the board of directors of DevvStream and TS Nano and has served on the board of directors of Sarcos, Bayotech, Trilumina, Eurekite, OPNT, Clearflight Solutions, Masterson Industries, SoundEnergy and LeverageRock. Mr. Quintana was a CGMS Fellow at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business where he received his MBA in Corporate Strategy & Strategic Finance.