Renee Forney

Renee Forney is a seasoned C-suite executive, strategist, and trusted advisor to Fortune 500 business leaders and senior government officials. She excels at turning critical inflection points into opportunities. Her expertise spans enterprise risk management, digital transformation, multi-cloud strategy, AI, and cybersecurity. Currently, Mrs. Forney serves as Meta’s Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for Governance, Risk & Compliance, where she is building an integrated security program for the FinTech sector. This program aligns with current regulatory compliance while shaping the future of a digitized financial market. 

Previously, Renee held key roles at Microsoft, where she led Azure’s Hardware Systems & Infrastructure Security, driving global security risk and ESG baselines for data centers. She also established a governance and risk program to safeguard Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and global supply chain. Her federal service career included serving as the DOE’s Deputy CIO for Cyber Security and Enterprise Operations, where she oversaw budgets of up to $645M. At the DHS, she reduced redundancy in human capital system expenditures and played a pivotal role in developing the Federal Cyber Workforce Strategy. 

Renee’s ability to address complexity, identify core issues, and take decisive actions within constraints of time, space, money, and reputation defines her career. She is a trailblazer in the cybersecurity landscape, shaping the industry’s future through her strategic vision and practical leadership.