Rodney Taylor

Rodney Taylor is an influential figure in the field of telecommunications within the Caribbean region, currently serving as the Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) since March 1, 2021. His appointment followed a comprehensive, public recruitment process that spanned across the Caribbean. Prior to his role at CTU, Taylor was integral to Barbados’ technological advancement as the Chief Digital Technology Officer at the Barbados Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology (MIST).  

There, he led significant efforts in digital transformation aimed at enhancing public sector service delivery. His work has been pivotal in developing policies to govern information and communications technology (ICT) across the region, demonstrating a commitment to operational excellence and innovation.Taylor’s academic background includes a Masters in Management and Information Systems from the University of Manchester, UK, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management from the University of the West Indies.  

This educational foundation has undoubtedly contributed to his expertise and effective leadership within the ICT sector.Beyond his professional endeavors, Taylor is known for his passion for SCUBA diving. He is an ardent diver who seizes every opportunity to explore and appreciate the marine life in Caribbean waters. This personal interest highlights his connection to and appreciation for the natural beauty of his home region. Rodney Taylor’s leadership at CTU, his previous role at MIST, his educational achievements, and his personal interests paint a picture of a dedicated professional who is deeply invested in both technological progress and the cultural heritage of the Caribbean.